35. By Appointment

ByAppoint005.jpg (22470 bytes)"A coconut fell on it." -- 21.9Kb

ByAppoint006.jpg (23842 bytes)"Well, I'm not hiding one where you're looking, I said." -- 23.2Kb

ByAppoint007.jpg (17101 bytes)"Oh, no, no, no, no...no." -- 16.7Kb

ByAppoint008.jpg (18401 bytes)"Does the boy know how to flute?" -- 17.9Kb

ByAppoint01.jpg (27926 bytes)"If that'd been the real thing, you'd be in the Tower of London." -- 27.2Kb

ByAppoint034.jpg (25048 bytes)The "Queen" and her "Prince Consort" attempt to free his sword from the lift. -- 24.4Kb

ByAppoint036.jpg (26110 bytes)"He's wearin' Grace Brothers Y-fronts!" -- 25.4Kb

ByAppoint02.jpg (26854 bytes)Preparing to meet the Men's Wear staff.... -- 26.2Kb

ByAppoint035.jpg (17999 bytes)"It gives me great pleasure...."  "It gives me great pleasure...." -- 17.5Kb

ByAppoint03.jpg (29196 bytes)"Oh, Mr. Lucas!" -- 28.5Kb

ByAppoint04.jpg (37033 bytes)Before Mrs. Slocombe knocked off the flowerpot. -- 36.1Kb

36. The Club

Club01.jpg (16499 bytes)Humphries faints after seeing the flexi-briefs. -- 16.1Kb

Club02.jpg (18714 bytes)"It's like your pacemaker...." -- 18.2Kb

Club03.jpg (19281 bytes)"Just cut that out!" -- 18.8Kb

Club04.jpg (23267 bytes)"I'm holding my breath, now be careful!" -- 22.7Kb

Club05.jpg (24471 bytes)A ticklish moment for Humphries as Slocombe cuts the paper.... -- 23.8Kb

Club06.jpg (22792 bytes)"You wouldn't dare!" -- 22.2Kb

Club07.jpg (21562 bytes)Peacock gets Mrs. Slocombe.... -- 21.0Kb

Club08.jpg (22724 bytes)...who in turn showers Mr. Humphries. -- 22.1Kb

Club09.jpg (27710 bytes)Mr. Rumbold gets his. -- 27.0Kb

37. Do You Take This Man?

DoYouTake01.jpg (19049 bytes)"Is that me?" -- 18.6Kb

DoYouTake02.jpg (19945 bytes)"My mind is made up, firm as concrete.  No matter what anyone says, I won't budge." -- 19.4Kb

DoYouTake03.jpg (21233 bytes)"Well done, Dear." -- 20.7Kb

DoYouTake04.jpg (19928 bytes)"I've got to alter a dress--no, not for me, Dear, for a colleague...a female colleague." -- 19.4Kb

DoYouTake05.jpg (24058 bytes)"We've got a bit of a problem here." -- 23.4Kb

DoYouTake06.jpg (28386 bytes)"He's havin' to take an encore." -- 27.7Kb

DoYouTake07.jpg (27538 bytes)"Do you know what he's givin' us?  A house."

DoYouTake08.jpg (27572 bytes)"How do we look?" -- 26.9Kb

DoYouTake085.jpg (27683 bytes)"Perhaps I'm supposed to carry it up the aisle." -- 27.0Kb

DoYouTake086.jpg (19501 bytes)"I'd marry her meself, but I think she's got enough trouble." -- 19.0Kb

DoYouTake09.jpg (27604 bytes)"Mr. Tebbs--I nominate you."  "To find a Greek vicar?"  "No, to be one." -- 26.9Kb

DoYouTake10.jpg (21474 bytes)"Blimey!  Archbishop Halitosis!" -- 20.9Kb

DoYouTake11.jpg (28591 bytes)The happy couple is doused with holy perfume. -- 27.9Kb

DoYouTake12.jpg (27460 bytes)"I now pronounce you manos and wifos." -- 26.8Kb

DoYouTake13.jpg (24645 bytes)The bridal dance.... -- 24.0Kb

DoYouTake14.jpg (23791 bytes)23.2 Kb

38. Shedding the Load

Shedding01.jpg (22966 bytes)"I've never seen that happen before." -- 22.4Kb

Shedding02.jpg (24868 bytes)"She said, 'Have any of your constables reported seeing this lady's pussy?'" -- 24.2Kb

Shedding03.jpg (21494 bytes)Mr. Humphries gets the wrong idea about Peacock. -- 20.9Kb

Shedding04.jpg (21317 bytes)20.8Kb

Shedding054.jpg (21928 bytes)"They say there are more than the acceptable number of mouse hairs in them." -- 21.4Kb

Shedding056.jpg (18090 bytes) "All that green stuff is full of big bugs with long, wavy arms."  "Don't!  I've got some in the cupboard--my mother's alone in the house." -- 17.6Kb

Shedding05.jpg (20460 bytes)"Why don't you work on your Battle of Hastings tapestry?" -- 19.9Kb

Shedding06.jpg (21521 bytes)"You're full of old-world charm today, aren't you?" -- 21.0Kb

Shedding07.jpg (21228 bytes)"Oh!  So it's all comin' out now, is it?" -- 20.7Kb

Shedding08.jpg (21621 bytes)21.1Kb

Shedding09.jpg (25571 bytes)"Oh!  I see you've managed to hang on to your shirts, then."  "Not entirely." -- 24.9Kb

Shedding115.jpg (14895 bytes)"I'm young Mr. Tebbs." -- 14.5Kb

Shedding11.jpg (31637 bytes)The staff nobly resign en masse.... -- 30.8Kb

Shedding12.jpg (22668 bytes)"I'm free." -- 22.1Kb

Shedding13.jpg (28948 bytes)Slocombe and Humphries get themselves sacked. -- 28.2Kb

Shedding14.jpg (30027 bytes)"No they're not--I've always wanted to do that.  Have a piece of cake." -- 29.3Kb

39. A Bliss Girl

BlissGirl01.jpg (21787 bytes)The poor nun is about to get a free show. -- 21.2Kb

BlissGirl02.jpg (28298 bytes)"You'll never believe the trouble I had getting here." -- 27.6Kb

BlissGirl03.jpg (20286 bytes)"I thought I'd turn right with the sluice and come in with the tide." -- 19.8Kb

BlissGirl06.jpg (30664 bytes)"He'd say, 'I knew, I told you.'" -- 29.9Kb

BlissGirl07.jpg (24146 bytes)"No, just boys." -- 23.5Kb

BlissGirl04.jpg (20149 bytes)Mr. Humphries tries to stuff a bra... -- 19.6Kb

BlissGirl05.jpg (27863 bytes)...with some rather unexpected results. -- 27.2Kb

BlissGirl075.jpg (28868 bytes)"At the moment, I'm riveted to the spot." -- 28.1Kb

BlissGirl08.jpg (19819 bytes)Humphries tries to make a sale. -- 19.3Kb

BlissGirl09.jpg (22521 bytes)Still working hard to sell the coat. -- 21.9Kb

BlissGirl10.jpg (32065 bytes)Going above the call of duty. -- 31.3Kb

40. Happy Returns

HappyReturns001.jpg (16851 bytes)"You've got odd socks on." -- 16.4Kb

HappyReturns002.jpg (27955 bytes)"May I congratulate you, sir, on gettin' some of it in the plate." -- 27.2Kb

HappyReturns003.jpg (31258 bytes)"Mr. Lucas, why has Little Boy Blue got a plastic Mac on?" -- 30.5Kb

HappyReturns004.jpg (25141 bytes)"You've done that before, haven't you?" -- 24.5Kb

HappyReturns005.jpg (30179 bytes)"You're supposed to be Miss Muffet." -- 29.4Kb

HappyReturns006.jpg (31399 bytes)"Mr. Rumbold, to the piano." -- 30.6Kb

HappyReturns007.jpg (27060 bytes)"I'll smack your legs in a minute!" -- 26.4Kb

HappyReturns008.jpg (28070 bytes)"Fairy prince." -- 27.4Kb

HappyReturns009.jpg (26684 bytes)The fairy prince makes his entrance.... -- 26.0Kb

HappyReturns010.jpg (29769 bytes)29.0Kb

HappyReturns011.jpg (31430 bytes)Captain Peacock as the toy soldier. -- 30.6Kb

HappyReturns05.jpg (27410 bytes)"Steppin' out with my baby...." -- 26.7Kb

HappyReturns06.jpg (39048 bytes)38.1Kb

HappyReturns07.jpg (22699 bytes)"There'll be smooth sailing 'cause I'm trimmin' my sails..." -- 22.1Kb

HappyReturns08.jpg (23928 bytes)"...in my top hat and my white tie and my tails..." -- 23.3Kb

HappyReturns09.jpg (22310 bytes)"...steppin' out, with my baby..." -- 21.7Kb

HappyReturns10.jpg (20556 bytes)"...can't be bad 'cause he's in white..." -- 20.0Kb

HappyReturns11.jpg (22243 bytes)"...ask him when will the day be..." -- 21.7Kb

HappyReturns12.jpg (24250 bytes)"...the big day may be tonight!" -- 23.6Kb

HappyReturns13.jpg (35058 bytes)Mr. Grace's birthday party. -- 34.2Kb