Personnel File -- Confidential            (info about the performer at bottom of page)

Name...Peacock, Stephen - Capt., Ret., RASC

Address...36 Cobforn Ave; within walking distance of a metropolitan line station.

Age...Not 55

Department...Floorwalker, Ladies' and Mens' Departments

Previous Employment...At Grace Brothers, started in maintenance, sweeping up in the stockroom.  Had a stint in toys.

Health History...Boil on Gluteus Maximus (recovered), injured during the Suez Campaign (cut self shaving at Tilbury Docks)

Military Service...Corporal, Royal Army Service Corps.  Served with distinction in North Africa, chasing Rommel through the desert.  Comrades included Harry Goldberg.  Received title of Honorary Captain V-E Day.

Vital Statistics...Tall, distinguished, slightly graying at the temples, moustache (not unlike David Niven); Height - 6'2"; Weight - 11 stone 4.

Domestic Arrangement...I live with my wife, married 1959.

Religious Preference...C of E.

Special Abilities...boxing (welterweight champion of Masurmatu), ballroom dance, piano, A-level--maths.

Hobbies...bridge, golf, reading.

Wage...Grade H, Level 4B

Frank Thornton

Birth name/Birthplace: Frank Thornton Ball, born in London

Birth date:  15 January, 1921

Family: Married, 1 daughter

Education: London School of Dramatic Arts

Early Career: Made propaganda broadcasts for the RAF during WWII, during which time he met his future wife, actress Beryl Evans.  Played such roles as Lysander and Laertes while in the Donald Wolfit Shakespearean Company.  Numerous television roles prior to AYBS, including "It's a Square World," "The World of Beachcomber," and "Square On."

AYBS Years: Also performed in the AYBS Blackpool stage production and "Last of the Summer Wine." 

Other Credits: Over 50 films, including "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," "A Flea in Her Ear," "Carry On Screaming," "Crooks and Coronets," and "The Three Musketeers."  Numerous theatre credits, namely Shakespearean and comedic.

How to Contact: c/o David Daly Associates, 68 Old Brompton Rd., London SW7 3LQ, England

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