Personnel File -- Confidential            (Info about the performer at the bottom of this page)

Name...Humphries, Wilberforce Claybourne

Address... 15 miles from the store

Age... over 21 (well over)

Department...Assistant Salesman, Men's Ready-to-Wear (later Senior Salesman)

Previous Employment...Tools and Do-It-Yourself at Derry & Tomm's; also worked as a dance instructor in Weston Super Mare.

Health... flat feet, under weight, bad back through yoga.

Schooling...Barleymoor Road Mixed Infants; at some point his label was switched with a girl named Gladys Wainwright; was prefect at his primary school where he received an O-level in taking dinner money.  One of his instructors was Miss Haswell.

Military service... Royal Navy (for a couple of weeks); tried to join Royal Marines but was turned down.  The Royal Army turned him down due to flat feet and being underweight.

Vital Statistics... gap in front teeth; blond hair (that thin bit at the back is where the pillow rubs); height - 5'7" ; weight - 9 stone; inside leg - 30".

Domestic Arrangement.... lives with his Mum, Mrs. Annie Humphries

Religious preference ... C of E; member of his church choir, which rehearses on Thursday nights.

Special abilities... Palmistry, wrestling, congeniality

Hobbies... crochet, gourmet cooking, church choir, spelunking, dance, amateur director, camping, roller skating, CB radio, fancy dress.

Nicknames...Little Boy Blue (CB handle); at his elementary school, was known as "Hugger Humphries."

Wage...20/week plus commission

John Inman

Birth name / birthplace: Frederick John Inman, born in Preston, England; raised in Blackpool.

Birth date:  28 June, 1935     Death date: 8 March, 2007

Education: not available

Early Career:  First stage performance at age 13 in Blackpool; made his West End debut in the musical, "Ann Veronica."  Subsequently performed in "Charley's Aunt" and made numerous television appearances.

AYBS Years: During this time, John also starred in "Odd Man Out," and "Take a Letter, Mr. Jones."  

Other Credits: "Grace and Favour" ("Are You Being Served? Again!"), "Salad Days," "Let's Get Laid," "My Fat Friend," "Pyjama Tops," "Cinderella," "Aladdin," "Mother Goose" and "Babes in the Wood."


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