Personnel File -- Confidential                      (Info about the performer at bottom of this page)

Name...Grainger, Ernest

Address...A flat in Elton

Age...At least 65

Department...Senior Salesman, Men's Ready-to-Wear

Health History...Frequent gastric trouble; truss and false teeth

Military Service...Performed in ENSA.  I did impressions, such as Lord Haw-Haw, Von Ribbentrop, and Winston Churchill.

Vital Statistics...42-42-42, 31 inside leg.  Balding.

Domestic Arrangement...I live with Mrs. Grainger, a cat and a parrot.  A Burmese bus conductor lives next door.

Religious Preference...can't remember: ask Mrs. Grainger

Special Abilities...Dancing; impersonations

Hobbies...I perform yearly for the old folks' home

Nickname...Was called "Stinky Grainger" in my church choir

Wage...not enough, that's why I play the pools

Arthur Brough

Birth name/Birthplace: Frederick Arthur Baker, born in Petersfield, Hampshire

Birth Date/Death Date:1905-28/5/78

Family: wife's name Elizabeth d. 8 weeks before Arthur, daughter Joanna

Education: Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, served in the Navy in WWII

Early Career: Ran a theatre company in Folkstone, later Oxford, Leeds, and Blackpool and many others. He dedicated his life to the theatre through 1969. 

AYBS Years: various cameo roles

Other Credits: Film roles include: "Are You Being Served?",  " The Green Man"

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