Personnel File -- Confidential                      (Info about the performer at bottom of this page)

Name...Shirley Brahms

Address...A detached house in Catford


Department...Junior Saleswoman in Ladies' Separates and Underwear

Previous Employment...none

Health History...'ad flu injections from me Doctor in me bum for eight quid; measles

Military Service...none

Vital Statistics...big feet

Lives With...Me Dad (bus driver), Mum and Brother (he plays rugby)

Religious Preference...Church o' England

Special looking bird in the store

Hobbies...Going out with the boys to supper; taking elocution lessons


Wage...just enough to buy clothes

Wendy Richard

Birth Name/Birthplace:  same/ Middlesbrough

Birth date: 20/7/46

Family: divorced, dogs "Shirley Brahms 2"  and two racing dogs "Shirley Brahms" and "Mrs. Slocombe"

Education: none available

Early Career: recorded "Come Outside" 1962, modeling and various television appearances including "The Newcomers"; appeared with Mollie Sugden in "Hugh and I."

AYBS Years: Also was in Eastenders

Other Credits: Pauline Fowler on "Eastenders," author of Wendy Richard No "S"

How to Contact: AIM, Nederlander House, c/o Derek Webster, 7 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3NH, England


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