Personnel File -- Confidential                      (Info about performer at bottom of this page)

Name...Grace, Young Mr.

Address...A big house in the country


Department...Co-founder of the store

Health History...Dickey ticker (three heart attacks), bunions

Vital Statistics...White hair, and hardly any bust at all

Military Service...Provided canned foods for the Army

Lives With...Goddard, my butler

Religious Preference...Whatever's most lenient

Hobbies...Going to blue movies, ornithology

Special Abilities...Can read tiny tags from a distance

Wage...More than anyone else

Harold Bennett

Birth Name/Birthplace: Same name/Haistings, East Sussex, England

Birth Date/Death Date: 1899 - 15 Sept. 1981 (heart attack)

Education: No record, but he did teach English in the evenings at a small college prior to becoming an actor.

Early Career: series "Dad's Army", "Whack-O!"

AYBS Years: "Jesus of Nazareth" (very small role as a Pharisee); "O Happy Band"

Other Credits: "The Rose and the Ring"

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