Personnel File -- Confidential                             (Info on the performer at bottom of page)

Name...Tebbs, Percival

Age...60 ish

Department...Men's Outfitters

Previous Employment...Bathroom Fitting- 10 yrs, Footwear-3 yrs, Greeting cards and novelties.  Bedding -4 yrs, Soft Furnishings-18 months.

Health History...remarkably healthy

Vital Statistics...Who took these damn measurements?

Military Service...Home Guard

Religious Preference...Greek Orthodox, retired

Special Abilities...Bathroom fitting salesman

Hobbies...Ping-Pong, DIY, Bowls club, Sect. Darts club, active member of the Benevolent Fund for Distressed Salespersons

Wage...commensurate with long service award

James Hayter  (photo history unavailable)

Birth Name/Birthplace:    same/Lonuvla, India  raised in Scotland

Birth/Death  Date: b.23/4/07 /d. Spain 1983

Family :  married, 8 children

Education: studied at RADA

Early Career: theatre manager in Dundee and Perth, 6 films prior to WWII, spent a lot of time onstage, 

AYBS Years: voiceovers for Mr. Kipling's cakes

Other Credits: "Oliver!",  Alfred Doolittle  onstage in My Fair Lady,  The Blue Lagoon 1949, guest on The Avengers -1967, 


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