Welcome to Grace Brothers!  Meet our staff :

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Mr. Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries, Sales Assistant in Gentlemen's Ready-to-Wear (John Inman): Affectionate, flamboyant, and a bit of a mummy's boy, Mr. Humphries has happily dedicated his life to measuring inside legs. He knows all the tricks of the trade, and often uses his ingenuity to make the sale. Mr. Humphries lives with his mother, who locks him out if he isn't home by 1 a.m. Always warm and quite precious, he is the kind of person that is the life of the party (and he attends as many as he can).
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Yiddell Abergavenny Slocombe, Senior Saleswoman in Ladies' Separates and Underwear (Mollie Sudgen): With her multicolored hairdo, Mrs. Slocombe lives with her beloved pussy, Tiddles, and frequents pubs with her friend, Mrs. Axelby. No one escapes her bossiness or sharp tongue. Her husband deserted her many years ago (he went out for butter and never came back). Since then she has been on the lookout for the man of her dreams.
Captain Stephen Peacock, Floorwalker (Frank Thornton): Captain Peacock's job is to see that customers find what they're looking for. He strolls about the floor with a pompous air, always immaculately dressed. Although he claims to have been a captain in the North African campaign, he actually was a corporal. He has been at Grace Brothers for 20 years, and since he has a bit of a roving eye as well, Captain Peacock is easily distracted by Mr. Grace's and Mr. Rumbold's leggy secretaries.
Mr. James (or Dick) Lucas, Junior Sales Assistant in Gentlemen's Ready-to-Wear (Trevor Bannister): Bad boy of the the 1st floor, Mr. Lucas is always ready to spin a good yarn and quick with an excuse for why he is late. His attitude is that of a modern Englishman trying to fathom the outdated class structure of Grace Brothers. Quite the ladies' man, his favorite proccupation is his fruitless pursuit of Miss Brahms.
Miss Shirley Brahms, Assistant Saleswoman in Ladies' Separates and Underwear (Wendy Richard): A cockney lass whom Mrs. Slocombe has taken under her wing, Miss Brahms is streetsmart and ready for anything. She carries a can-opener on dates in case her boyfriend gets too fresh, and easily repels the advances of her many suitors, particularly Mr. Lucas and Captain Peacock..
Mr. Ernest Grainger, Senior Salesman in Gentlemen's Ready-to-Wear (Arthur Brough): Mr. Grainger is the veteran salesman of the first floor. He lives with his wife and has been with Grace Brothers since 1937. Somewhat crusty and ill-tempered, he occasionally reveals a warm side of his personality. Mr. Humphries often takes it upon himself to look after Mr. Grainger, who usually can be aroused from naps with a loud, "Are you free?"
Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold, First-Floor Manager (Nicholas Smith): Mr. Rumbold fancies himself a great leader of men, when quite the opposite is the case. Called "Jug-ears" behind his back by the staff, he often takes credit for their ideas and is blind to his numerous inadequacies. Mr. Rumbold labors on under the impression that his staff is completely behind him.
Young Mr. Grace, Store Owner (Harold Bennett): Co-founder of Grace Brothers, Young Mr. Grace continues to reign over the store. Pushing his ancient heart to its limits, he employs a bevy of young beauties to cater to his every lecherous need, and is known to frequent strip clubs. He isn't one to shy from tough decisions and can easily put Rumbold in his place.
Mr. Mash, Maintenance (Larry Martyn): Militant trade union fanatic and somewhat of a Bolshevik, Mr. Mash has the ability to get under Captain Peacock's skin, making him quite unwelcome on the floor. His rough manner and easy-going attitude don't endear him to Mrs. Slocombe, either.
Mr. Beverley Harman, Maintenance (Arthur English): Like his predecessor, Mr. Mash, Mr. Harman is a stickler for union rules and manages to antagonize both Mrs. Slocombe and Captain Peacock. He always knows the latest gossip and has been known to pick up "top secret" information by checking Mr. Grace's trashbasket.
Mr. Bert Spooner, Junior Sales Assistant in Gentlemen's Ready-to-Wear (Mike Berry): The new junior salesman after the departure of Mr. Lucas, Mr. Spooner isn't quite as bright as his predecessor, but he still manages to antagonize Captain Peacock and Mrs. Slocombe, and develops a new career as a pop star with his singing abilities.
Mr. Percival Tebbs, Senior Salesman in Men's Ready-to-Wear (James Hayter): Mr. Tebbs has been with Grace Brothers for over 30 years and came to Men's Wear from Hardware. He isn't overly fond of Mrs. Slocombe and gives the appearance of being somewhat crotchety. However, he shows a softer side when Mrs. Slocombe's wedding plans go awry.
Mr. Harry Goldberg, Senior Salesman in Men's Ready-to-Wear (Alfie Bass): Mr. Goldberg takes the job of senior upon the retirement of Mr. Tebbs. He once owned his own tailor shop, which burned down when the fish-and-chip shop below caught fire. Not only does he bring with him a wealth of experience, he also brings the news that he served with Captain Peacock during the war and that the Floorwalker was only a corporal.
Mrs. Diana Yardswick, Canteen Manageress (Doremy Vernon): Mrs. Yardswick is the no-nonsense manageress of the Grace Brothers canteen.  She tolerates no complaints from the rest of the staff regarding the canteen's fare or service, and isn't afraid to have it out with Captain Peacock or Mr. Rumbold.