Personnel File -- Confidential                  (Info about the performer at bottom of this page)

Name...Spooner, Bert

Address...a pad with low lights and sexy sounds

Age...older than I look

Department...Junior assistant on the Mens' Counter

Previous Employment...hardware dept

Health History...occasional sore throat/ laryngitis

Vital Statistics...Tall, dark...and 'andsome

Military Service...none

Domestic Arrangement...bachelor

Religious Preference...n/a

Special Abilities...Singing

Hobbies... chasing birds, bowls

Wage...still a junior

Mike Berry

Birth Name/Birthplace: same/unavailable

Birth Date: 24 September 1942

Education: No information available.

Early Career: Became well-known as a rock-and-roll artist in the sixties (John Lennon even offered to write a song for him), and continues to be active with his band, the Outlaws, today.  See the website below for a complete biography.  

Other Credits: Mike also has appeared in numerous television commercials and the TV series, "Worzel Gummidge."  Most recently he was seen in the 1999 film "Julie and the Cadillacs."

How to Contact: c/o Rollercoaster Records, Rock House London Rd., St. Mary's, Stroud, Gloucestershire,    GL6 8PU, England; or by accessing the Fan Club page of the well-run "Official Mike Berry Website"

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