07. The Clock

Clock01.jpg (17577 bytes)"It's good and snug in the front."  "Why don't you check the back?" -- 17.1Kb

Clock02.jpg (17129 bytes)"It's snug in the back as well." -- 16.7Kb

Clock03.jpg (20862 bytes)The "Pussy Boots" display explodes. -- 20.3Kb

Clock04.jpg (16925 bytes) "You know perfectly well that if Grace Brothers were going to announce your retirement, Young Mr. Grace would attend the dinner personally." -- 16.5Kb

Clock05.jpg (10406 bytes)"Did I hear something ticking?" -- 14.7Kb

Clock06.jpg (10034 bytes)Mr. Rumbold frantically tries to shut off the clock. -- 9.79Kb

Clock07.jpg (10994 bytes)But it's too late...Mr. Grainger hears the cuckoo. -- 10.7Kb

Clock08.jpg (14763 bytes)"I heard the cuckoo in Mr. Rumbold's office." -- 14.4Kb

Clock09.jpg (18504 bytes)"Hello, Wilberforce." -- 18.0Kb

Clock10.jpg (19146 bytes)"Hello, James." -- 18.6Kb

Clock11.jpg (22139 bytes) "You know what they say about vodka, Mrs. Slocombe: one's all right, two's the most, three under the table, four under the host." -- 21.6Kb

Clock12.jpg (17064 bytes)"Strange how potent sheet music is." -- 16.6Kb

Clock13.jpg (19574 bytes)"We haven't got to that part yet, Mrs. Slocombe."  "Oh!  Ho, ho, ho, ho." -- 19.1Kb

Clock14.jpg (23917 bytes)"Ladies and gentlemen...." -- 23.3Kb

Clock15.jpg (16699 bytes)"How very nice of you all." -- 16.3Kb

08. Cold Comfort

ColdComfort001.jpg (15460 bytes)"Oh!  It's the masked stranger.  Take my body but leave my jewels alone." -- 15.0 Kb

ColdComfort01.jpg (16116 bytes)"My ballpoint'll never function in this weather." -- 15.7 Kb

ColdComfort02.jpg (16385 bytes)"Mr. Humphries, what are you doing?" -- 16.0 Kb

ColdComfort03.jpg (22073 bytes)"They're a pair of Mr. Grainger's long johns." -- 21.5 Kb

ColdComfort04.jpg (16440 bytes)Lucas tries another idea to stay warm... -- 16.0 Kb

ColdComfort05.jpg (21816 bytes)...while Mrs. Slocombe has a nip of brandy. -- 21.3 Kb

ColdComfort06.jpg (21931 bytes)Lucas puts out the fire in Mr. Rumbold's office. -- 21.4 Kb

ColdComfort07.jpg (15380 bytes)Captain Peacock gets the wrong perfume bottle. -- 15.0 Kb

09. The Think Tank

ThinkTank01.jpg (16241 bytes)"At Grace Brothers, bowler hats are reserved for departmental heads and above." -- 15.8Kb

ThinkTank02.jpg (17399 bytes)"At Grace Brothers, hombergs are reserved for senior floor staff." -- 16.9Kb

ThinkTank03.jpg (18456 bytes)"The junior floor staff will wear a trilby or a cap." -- 18.0Kb

ThinkTank04.jpg (22406 bytes)"Mmmm...isn't that lovely?" -- 21.8Kb

ThinkTank05.jpg (19797 bytes)Mr. Mash tries to clean the mannequin. -- 19.3Kb

ThinkTank06.jpg (16353 bytes)"Are we going to see girls in corsets?" -- 15.9Kb

ThinkTank07.jpg (15767 bytes)"And I'm extra." -- 15.3Kb

ThinkTank08.jpg (21064 bytes)"Note the cherries." -- 20.5Kb

ThinkTank09.jpg (20082 bytes)"How graceful!" -- 19.6Kb

ThinkTank10.jpg (20216 bytes)"Concealed pocket for the key to the executive loo." -- 19.7Kb

ThinkTank11.jpg (19671 bytes)"Cor, blimey!  Ain't there no privacy anywhere?" -- 19.2Kb

ThinkTank12.jpg (20655 bytes)"You should get yourself a bowler hat and wear it all the time." -- 20.1Kb

10. Big Brother

BigBrother01.jpg (20110 bytes)"How typically feminine...tryin' to pull the wool over me eyes." -- 19.6 Kb

BigBrother02.jpg (20780 bytes)"Good morning, sir.  Can I help you?" -- 20.2 Kb

BigBrother03.jpg (18315 bytes)"I can see it now--despite fatal gunshot wounds, fearless floorwalker saves 42 long." -- 17.8 Kb

BigBrother035.jpg (19977 bytes)"Ooh, you're as weak as water...weak as water!" -- 19.5 Kb

BigBrother04.jpg (18243 bytes)"Listen, those cameras have got to go, right?" -- 17.8 Kb

11. Hoorah for the Holidays

Hoorah01.jpg (15249 bytes) "I'll take the customer into the changing room, Mr. Grainger, and put his clothes on a coat hanger." -- 14.8Kb

Hoorah02.jpg (18624 bytes)"Where was that, exactly?" -- 18.1Kb

Hoorah03.jpg (18078 bytes)Captain Peacock gets a surprise. -- 17.6Kb

Hoorah04.jpg (18343 bytes)"We're just going to take a shaving off the legs, sir."  "About eight inches." -- 17.9Kb

Hoorah05.jpg (22591 bytes)"I think this is yours, sir." -- 22.0Kb

Hoorah06.jpg (22326 bytes)The kung-fu robe goes to Humphries' head. -- 21.8Kb

Hoorah07.jpg (21624 bytes)"And close your eyes and curl up small...." -- 21.2Kb

Hoorah08.jpg (19952 bytes)"God bless you, father." -- 19.4Kb

Hoorah09.jpg (18273 bytes)Rumbold presents the choices for the holiday. -- 17.8kb

Hoorah10.jpg (20582 bytes)However, the staff aren't very enthused. -- 20.0Kb

Hoorah11.jpg (18211 bytes)17.7Kb