Personnel File -- Confidential             (Info about the performer at the bottom of this page)

Name...Rumbold, Cuthbert

Address...Lives in London


Department...Manager, First Floor Ladies' and Mens' Departments

Health History...heart attack, stress disorder, acid reflux, mental exhaustion: all imagined; also severe gastroenteritis following ingestion of bad meringues.

Vital Statistics...6'1" hair is receding a bit 

Hobbies...master of many musical instruments 

Special Abilities...yes man

Distinguishing Features...Prominent ears

Military Service...Royal Army Catering Corps

Domestic arrangement...married

Nickname..."Jug Ears" and "Knuckles"

Wage... Rise commensurate with toadying

Nicholas Smith

Birth Name/Birthplace: Nicholas Pilgrim Smith/Banstead, Surrey, England

Birth Date: 5 March 1934 

Education: Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Early Career: Made film debut in "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines." 

AYBS Years: "Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother,"  "The Sweeney."

Other credits: Major General Stanley in "Pirates of Penzance," "Martin Chuzzlewit," "What Rats Won't Do."  

How to Contact: Nicholas Smith, c/o Michelle Braidman, 3rd Floor, 10/11 Lower John Street, London, W1R 3PE, England

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