In Grace and Favour (known as Are You Being Served? Again! to American audiences), our castmembers are taken out of their familiar shop floor and transplanted to a rural English manor house.  With the passing of Young Mr. Grace (when his companion's bikini top popped off, he did, too), it is discovered that the staff's pension fund was invested in a variety of unlikely ventures (from the Rangoon Gas Mantle Company to Falkland Whalebone Enterprises), including a manor house that is being run as a country house hotel.  Our gang, finding that the hotel's staff has departed en masse due to Mr. Rumbold's inept management, have to muck in and decide to run Millstone Manor themselves.  There were twelve episodes made during two seasons.  Images from each episode can be reached from the links below.  In addition, you can access my visit to Chavenage House, the outdoor shooting location of Grace and Favour.

Season One

Season Two

Episode One: The staff arrives at Millstone Manor. Episode One: Captain Peacock finds a loaded gun in a drawer.
Episode Two: Settling In. Episode Two: It's Just Not Cricket
Episode Three: Slocombe in the Dock. Episode Three: Mr. Slocombe returns.
Episode Four: The staff tries to find new employees for the hotel. Episode Four: The Case of the Petrified Pussy.
Episode Five: If you want something done right, do it yourself. Episode Five: The Darts Match.
Episode Six: The American Tourists Arrive. Episode Six: The Mongolians.

Autographed Photos of the Cast of "Grace & Favour" -- Great shots of the cast.