During my 2000 trip to the UK, I traveled to Tetbury, in Gloucestershire.  Not only is Prince Charles' estate nearby, but the real reason I went was to tour Chavenage House, site of the exteriors of Millstone Manor for "Grace & Favour" ("Are You Being Served? Again!" in the U.S.).  Chavenage is owned by Mr. David Lowsley-Williams, who gives tours of his home May - September, from 2-5 p.m. on Thursdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays, and Easter Sunday/Monday.  Built in 1576, it's every bit as impressive as Millstone Manor, though of course the interiors on the show were filmed entirely on soundstages at the BBC.  I told Mr. Lowsley-Williams that I was a fan of AYBS?A!, and he gave us free rein to wander about the grounds and take photos.  After having seen a photo of the old Millstone Manor sign on a website, I was determined to see if it was still about.  He suggested that I try in a couple of the old sheds on the farm and we poked our noses into them until the groundskeeper and his wife returned from town and found the sign for us.

For more info on touring the house, visit the official Chavenage website at www.chavenage.com!

It was in the old cow shed in which Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries milked Betsy the cow.  They kindly insisted on pulling the sign out of the shed and setting it up for me to see.  Not only was the sign still in there, but also the roller used for the cricket pitch and the remains of the chicken coop.  When we returned to the area the next week, we stopped in the nearby town of Malmesbury.  It was there that the scene of the cast traveling to the museum was filmed, in front of the town's 15th century market cross.  I took a lot of photos, and I tried to find scenes from the series that corresponded so that you can see what these places look like now.  The Lowsley-Williams' even let me take a picture of a cast photo that hung on the wall in the house.  It's a large file, so click on the link above to see it.

Me at the gate of Chavenage House

The cast arrives at Millstone Manor

The house as it appears today.

Frank Thornton and Nicholas Smith headed for the chicken coop.

It's grown up a bit now.

Joanne Heywood and Frank Thornton at the stables.

Looks much the same, doesn't it?

John Inman going inside the chapel.

The actual chapel, directly behind the house.

John Inman up to bat at cricket.

The cricket pitch today.

Fleur Bennett and John Inman headed down the drive.

And here it is again.

The cast driving on the way to the museum with the mummified cat.

Malmesbury's 15th century market cross.

The sign as it appeared on the show.

Joanne Heywood and John Inman at the cow shed.

Me and the sign out by the old cow shed where Mollie Sugden and John Inman milked the cow.